Pure, simple, branding genius

Can a simple political logo subconsciously influence voters in the heat of the moment?

In the ballot box with pencil poised and ready, is it possible to create a victory from a borderline result?

Brexit Brand Logo

Whatever your opinion of the Brexit saga and the personalities embroiled in it, take a step back and admire the genius of the Brexit Party logo.

First of all, there’s no airy fairy to this logo. No flowers or trees or swooshy avians. The logo is bold, simple, immediate, efficient.

Arguably, a single-issue political party ought to have a clear direction and does have the luxury of being able to avoid the need to be all warm and fuzzy.

A bold, right-pointing arrow set within a circle is fantastically simple. That purposeful lucidity ticks almost all of the boxes in the ‘book of how to make a great brand logo’.

But wait, there’s a whole other level of genius at work here. Look again at the logo printed on a ballot paper and you begin to see the hidden workings. That right-pointing arrow is now tugging at your subconscious – hinting where exactly you need to make your mark.

You may have a clear and incontrovertible opinion when casting your vote, but think of the many who do not. The bold Brexit arrow becomes a simple, subconscious nudge to the undecided.

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